A framework representing the twenty-three elements that comprise the ANIMA,The soul or innerself, and the ANIMUS – the conduit of self emitted by all and shared by all, thus constructing the universe in-between each human being.

  1. MORTALITY (The Great Equalizer)

  2. AWARENESS (Inventory)

  3. INTROSPECTION (Meditation on Managing)

  4. PHYSICAL (Correlation to the Body)

  5. SUPERSTITION (Personal Rituals)

  6. INVOCATION (Manifest)

  7. INTENT (Soul Mission)

  8. RESONANCE (Energy/The Tie That Binds)

  9. DEFAULT SETTING (Unmitigated You)

  10. PROPERTY (Sanctuary)

  11. EMPLOYMENT (School)

  12. RESOURCES (Opportunities)

  13. OROBOROS (Inertia)

  14. FELLOWSHIP (Facilitators)

  15. PARTNERS (Artistic/Lovers)

  16. INTIMACY (Vulnerability)

  17. CONFIDENCE (Discern where it lays)

  18. CURIOSITY (Spontaneity/Essence of Life)

  19. INTERSUBJECTIVITY ( Social Perspective)

Intersubjectivity also helps in the constitution ofobjectivity(#20): in the experience of the world as available not only to oneself, but also to the ANIMA, there is a bridge between the personal and the shared, the self and the Others.

    20. OBJECTIVITY (Base Perspective)

Perception is the initial filter triggered by us, diluting the fabric of reality in such a personal way as to veer far from the base of which it mixed.  It is important to remove your Anima and calibrate around an unbiased, universally acknowledged language that is Objectivity.  With you and the collective without perspective, there allows a flux environment unfettered by our married Anima or insular resonance.  This allows for an unbiased and unperturbed reality where perception may now be surveyed under microscopic scrutiny.  For perception is not necessarily useful in directly observing a base, or objective, reality, but is useful in interpreting and predicting reality.

      21. UNCERTAINTY (The Incorrigible Default)

     22. PERSONA (HAUNT while Living/Transcendance)




BASED ON: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs


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