The Exceptions are 7 Archetypes or Roles that construct the inner-workings of the collective.  Core members who shed the EXAMPLE’s prisoner journey -who are in accordance with the COMMON CHORD, reverant to THE CONSTANTS and consistently utilize The 23 SCHEMATA are ordained by WtH as an EXCEPTION: a Sacred Self, an individual elevated by individual artistic purpose whilst ushering others through their disparate journeys – void of the vapid vanity and hollow frivolity common in EXAMPLES – and has shown to be a pivotal asset under the SIGIL.  EXCEPTIONS may share tasks, and are sometimes able to alternate within the collective.  No title is of higher repute than another; each are invaluable in their necessity.  


7. REVELATOR – Spiritual Facilitator and Keeper of the Concept.  The Revelator of WTH is tasked with progressing the folkloric content and philosophical mythos of the collective.  Revelator is the benevolent instigator, forever trying to unify the movement whilst endearing the sums of the whole – each sacred self – individually.  REVELATORS consistently update the tenets (backbone of the Collective) to achieve a uniquely representative and ever-evolving artistic theology as well as assist the CURATORS in devising rituals and ceremonies according to the tenets.  They are Keepers of the COMMON CHORD: intent on finding the benefit to each artist through celebrating their past body of work (Liber Doctrina), organizing assistance to each member’s personal artistic endeavors under the Sigil (Liber Egos), Showcasing completed works (under the Sigil) and devising the collection of WtH completed works to be revealed publicly for everyone to admire (Liber Nosotros).

6. CURATOR – Salon Facilitator and Keeper of the Space.  Whereas the Revelator is tasked primarily with over-arching conceptual ouvre for the Sigil, CURATORS are the pragmatic conjurers of the Salons (WtH events and meetings).  The collective’s event facilitator, CURATORS work on devising pomp and ritual for the Sigil. Whether the ceremonies are specific to that select meeting, or intended for every congregation, the CURATOR spearheads new, and hopefully permanent, WtH pageantry. The rituals are intended to designate the introduction and conclusion of each salon.  Final say in all events that are held under the sigil.

5. SEER – The Tactician and Coordinator Under The Sigil .  A SEER coordinates members with an intention for outreach to involve more artists.  They help run the skill-sharing network, which is a community skill-board that’s consistently updated with members’ who need certain talents to complete their projects.  They compile a database of each member’s artistic, business, or philosophical abilities to provide a wealth of services between the members.  They have the ability to allow WAYFARERS, or interested non-members, to participate in the skill share ONLY.  This is the true benefit of the collective, a community of multi-talented artists convening to share work, showcase work, and trade services to complete work.  Also, abreast of the leaglities of potentially becoming recognized by the IRS as a religion (A major goal for this art collective).

4. WEAVER – Regulators and Liasions of Light.  The Weaver is calendar master, weaving each EXCEPTION’s tasks into a web of productivity.  They are frugal practitioners: Weavers check the more outlandish of conceptual ideas determined by time, practicality and resources.  Weavers are rarely budgeteers, though, if a donation occurs or WtH published music compilations, literary journals and other WtH specific products are sold (not members’ original releases under the Sigil), the Weaver is treasurer, tasked to re-invest the money in collective needs (printing, salon supplies, WtH specific formal wear, etc.) They are the face and voice to outsiders, weaving relationships with venues, printing companies and galleries to provide true and fluctuating platforms of promotion.

3. ADORNER – The Vital Visage and Identity Designer.  Whether it be pamphlet design, website layout or release packaging, Adorners utilize the WtH Sigil, the folklore and the Liber Nosotros (Collected Catalog) to exemplify a consistent visual aesthetic and identity.  They keep the web presence fresh and classy.  They either design or delineate Salon invites, fliers promoting a member’s show and/or release, take conceptual photos of members and Salons, and over-see all the design for projects under the Sigil as a means for direct assistance or to include WtH’s presence in a flattering way, visually.

2. MONITOR – MONITORS are tasked with observing and participating in most WtH meetings, salons, performances, release shows or gallery openings.  They log the pros and cons of the venues and galleries that held WtH shows and determine if WtH was handled fairly, they track the  meetings and what spaces are most productive to convene in or what topics are anywhere from redundant to negative that we need to avoid in the future.  They simply have WtH’s health in site at all times.  If members are disagreeing vehemently or anything building to a negative climax, the Monitor would immediately attempt to rectify.  MONITORS want WtH to always examine the philosophical tenets of self-love while ensuring the brotherhood of artists will last beyond their tenure as MONITOR.

1. WAYFARER – Non-Official Members But Recognized by WtH. These are spoken-for, regarded individuals that are either soon-to-be initiates or strictly casual purveyors connected directly with at least one Exception.  They have either released art under the WtH sigil, recorded for a WtH compilation, Submitted to a WtH zine, Performed at a Wth function, etc. and have known the organization for quite some-time. WAYFARERS don’t have to be local, as a matter of fact, most WAYFARERS will be out-of-state artists seldomly seen.  Out-of-State WAYFARERS are invaluable to the touring members, or members needing wider promotional drawl. A WAYFARER is never pressured into becoming a member.  WE DO NOT PROSELYTIZE AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY COMMEND THEIR INDIVIDUAL INTERESTS.


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